Since the first day I brought Jersey home I’ve tried desperately to feed her the highest quality food possible. Even before the famous “Pet Fooled” documentary came out on Netflix I knew that the kibble industry was bad but I also knew how hard it was to find what the best alternative really meant. I started her on Honest Kitchen while continuing to do more research. This made giving her vitamins very convenient so I still use the base mix for that reason. At local farmers markets etc. I found a plethora of small raw food companies that seemed legit until I question them about their meat source. I know the importance of this because dogs bodies are actually made to handle some bacteria but what they’re not meant to handle is the hormones, antibiotics etc that gets added to the human Grade meats on the market. Because I’ve read more than once that grocery store meat is only sold to be cooked and is not really safe to feed raw even buying organic meat for humans didn’t seem like a good solution. Because giving up is not an option, I’m now trying small company raw frozen food with different combinations of beneficial philosophies until I find a good top few to stick with long term. (I don’t like to put all my eggs in one basket!) So far Answers wins. They have extremely highly reviews and transparency and no history of recall so far. We start the first batch (detailed chicken) tomorrow! I’ll review as we go along!


Day one on Answers:

Even though Jersey eats raw often, there still seems to be a transition period here. She basically just wouldn’t eat it. I still really like this company though so hopefully in a day or two she’ll be a little more open minded! In the mean time we’ll try a few other flavors of it and see how it goes.

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