Supplements truly deserve an entire book but to start I’ll just say that as with human supplements the most important thing is source. Ultimately the quality of any supplement comes down to where it comes from and how it’s made. I study this daily because there are so many different options out there and so many things to know about each one. For the most part, human quality organic is a safe bet but when it comes to spirulina for example this is not always true. To make organic spirulina is actually detrimental to the quality. Also dogs obviously have different needs so knowing when to choose what can be a bit overwhelming. When I can afford it I go with products by a holistic vet in Canada who is the most dedicated I’ve ever seen to the quality and source of his products. When I can’t afford them I have a few backups that I’ll share in another post. Just as a quick overview these are the supplements I’m currently using:

Dr. Dobias Fish oil

Organic coconut oil MCT 95%

Dr. Dobias green min (greens supplement including spirulina)

Dr. Dobias Soul food (multivitamin)


Dental health mix with kelp

Dr. Dobias probiotic

Bone broth with turmeric

Occasionally I also include a joint supplement that I make myself but I’ll post the recipe for that in the future!

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