So many dogs suffer from chronic ear infections it’s been dubbed the “black hole” of veterinary medicine. Although it can happen to any dog, there are many predisposed due to their ear shape and canal size. Dogs with ears that flap over allow for less ventilation and dogs with small ear canals often face problems with drainage. Jersey has both issues unfortunately. Many vets over treat these conditions with strong medications and antibiotics that can help in the short term but do nothing to treat the actual issues. This not only keeps patients coming back but can actually make them much worse. Many dogs with chronic ear conditions can end up losing their hearing completely and some even rupture their ear drums and need surgery. One mistake many pet parents make in addition to this is by cleaning the ears. It goes against common sense that it would be detrimental to clean the congested area but it actually disrupts the ph balance even further and can make the problem even worse. Occasional cleaning to healthy ears may be ok but too much over time can actual cause ear problems even in healthy dogs that would never have them otherwise. The only proven solution for dogs that are predisposed the way Jersey is has been through diet. Probiotics and going grain free can also help (especially in yeast based infections). Because Jersey is such a water dog, we needed so help faster than the dietary changes could deliver. I was familiar with other products by zymox so we decided to give it a try. We did 7 days and are now waiting to see if they can continue to improve on their own. I am happy to report that it seems to be working! If you have a pup with these issues I’d definitely suggest trying diet first but if the problem is acute and you are looking for some faster relief, this really helped us!

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