So many dogs struggle with kidney health as they age. Because of this, I’ve been researching it a lot lately and one presumed treatment that really stands out as being detrimental is the low protein diet. This can be harmful to so many other areas of the body and because it’s easier to tell people low protein than specify what kind of protein most people only get told that much. I will follow up on what that means tomorrow but I felt compelled to write something because it’s frightening that so many pet parents aren’t given the whole story. I’ll follow this with a discussion about prescription diets and how truly dangerous they can be. It’s a challenge because we want to trust the professionals but too much evidence has come out now. There are REAL solutions available but they are not being offered by traditional vets.

Prevention and catching the problem early (veterinary testing) are crucial but because symptoms don’t usually present until later stages it makes this extremely difficult. That being said I try to always be solution oriented so here is an article and one product that I really believe in that can aide in kidney health for those pets who may be suffering already.


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