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2 thoughts on “For the Love of Dogs!

  1. hello! are you still active on this blog…? i just found you today during my internet wanderings, i love your blog, are you still here?


    1. Hi!! I’m actually a full time canine nutrition student now so I really haven’t been active on here! I really hope to be again in the future though and include much better content! At the moment I’m an admin of a Facebook group called Raw Fed and Nerdy. http://www.rawfedandnerdy.com is owned by a good friend of mine. She has a blog on there as well and this really is the best raw feeding site I’ve ever been a part of! The website is full of the most recent data and comprehensive information and proves a great place to learn for free and interact with other people trying to make their dogs lives better! I would definetly check out the site and the group if you are interested!! 💗


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