Although I am still a huge supporter of Answers pet food (using that is still our goal) my super picky eater is still not warming up to the idea. Mixing it with her old food and stuff she likes isn’t working. I’m trying to be strong and trust that she’ll try it eventually and not give in to giving up and going backwards in our diet goals. Today I decided to try another brand I really think is good but her reaction was the same. I think it will just take time. These companies are both an awesome solution to the food dilemma. As of now they are very transparent and high quality. Sometimes these companies get bought out but so far so good with these two and I know there are many others. These foods can be difficult to get because they need to stay frozen but if you are interested in trying this method of raw feeding, a local specialty pet shop should be able to get you an order! And the best part is at least these two I know are extremely affordable! I’ll keep a log of the foods we try so if one pops up that seems to work the best I’ll try to save someone the trouble of the same trial and error, but every dog likes what they like so I’ll also stay on top of the companies that stay transparent because as we all unfortunately know that can change and no one wants to support that!

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