Being introduced to Honest Kitchen early on in my quest for better dog food, I was predisposed to the belief that good companies like this one actually existed. So when we made the decision to kick out the cooked meat and use raw (I still use a small amount of Honest Kitchen base mix for adding in her vitamins) I already had at least a hope that I could get a good raw meat source. I know when it comes to raw meat it’s ALL about the source, so for some reason I just never thought even organic grocery store meat was good enough. Because of this I never actually tried it. I was scared because I kept hearing that it’s sold only to be cooked, etc. Lately I’ve started to look more closely into this and I think it might not actually be true. Because I’m mostly vegan and don’t own a bone grinder I am realistically still going to try to find a good company that I can buy from but due to the fact that the transition is taking longer than expected, I am also going to see if there is something I can make in the mean time. Seeing the carcinogen effect that cooking meat can have I no longer want to go that route. This week I’ll try to talk about what recipes I’ve tried and how they go because I think it’s important to be able to make something on the go or in case we can’t get the specialty brands from the store. This link is affiliated with a brand I know nothing about yet so I am in no way advocating the food itself but it came with some decent info for anyone interested in making this transition. There’s obviously a TON more info on this topic but I just thought I’d throw it in there as a nice place to start!


7 thoughts on “Homemade Raw

  1. Let me tell you for someone who does not cook meat…making bone broth for my dog for 9 months was AWFUL!!!!! But it gave him 9 more months of life after his cancer diagnosis. They are just not meant to be eating crap in a bag

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    1. I know!! It is horrible how the pet food industry takes advantage by labeling things to make people think it’s what they are buying when it’s not true. It’s heartbreaking actually! I am so grateful to you and all the non meat eaters who go even further above and beyond for our pets because they so much deserve it!! They are family and I know your dog was so grateful! God bless him! πŸ™πŸ»πŸ’—


      1. I was feeding him ORGANIC dog food that I researched and he still got cancer and then to change him over to homemade food and watch his tumors shrink. It made me sick to know what he should have had all along. I thought I was doing what was right by buying organic $80 dog food a month. Alas, it was all just a lie! His whole life he got a raw bone once a week though until my daughter’s health did not allow that anymore. So I cooked for him and THOUGHT he was getting better but in the end the cancer was just too bad. But he had a loved and happy life and his last 9 months fresh food from my hands! The dog food industry disgusts me. That is why I am so thrilled with your blog bringing awareness to all of this!!!

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      2. Stories like yours matter so much! The Netflix pet fooled documentary really opened my eyes to the severity of all this. I used to buy the same kind of food you did! I just somehow got lucky at a pet store one day when someone else told me how misleading the labels were. I thought they were only lacking nutrition but have come to learn that they’re actually toxic! Because their profits outweigh the cost of lawsuits they get away with not even having to recall certain things that are PROVEN deadly. Our legal system just isn’t equipped or properly funded to protect the rights of pets and their owners. It needs to change. When I think about it too much I just start crying and that’s not productive lol so I just try my best. I’m always learning and trying to pass on things I find. I actually have literally NO experience with blogs but I’m trying! People on Facebook were getting tired of my posts (I still share them lol) so I needed another outlet and am very grateful that I found one on here! Thank you for sharing your story, it matters and your dog MATTERS! I am so sorry for what happened but I KNOW you’ve helped people in your life who have animals and your dog is saving lives to this day!


      3. I LOVE that you still share them. People on facebook get tired of anything that doesn’t fit their current agenda! Or the current drama of the day. Things like what you are doing go unnoticed and thousands of lives are affected.
        My dog deserved better. He was a service dog! He was my everything! Devoted. Loving. Seizure alert dog. Never left my side. I believed I researched and did the right thing. I was wrong.
        The homemade dogfood on facebook is really what gave him those last months of his life. They are trying to spread the same word you are doing. And it is wonderful. Why would anyone put something in their dog’s mouth they wouldn’t put in their own!
        I start crying too. It is too much to take knowing the garbage, sheer garbage/poison they put in their food.
        And this dog lived in a home where we use no chemicals. No cleaners other than vinegar and water, no spraying my yard with pesticides. He got sick from organic dog food!!!! I believe that.
        The girl that runs the group published jesssy’s story on her facebook page to bring awareness and I loved that even though he passed away that his story was hopefully able to help other dogs.
        Keep sharing and posting on facebook and everywhere. The same people that don’t want to hear the truth about dog food don’t want to hear the truth about REAL life things and it is high time denial stopped

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      4. I meet a lot of people who support kibble, I will share his story also! What you went through should have been illegal! I’ve lost a sick pet and there’s just no consolation, I am so sorry you had to go through that I really pray that someday these practices will be illegal! And You are 100% right about everything! There are so many instances of things like this today. The inconvenient truth. I am so grateful when people care to promote change, it can feel futile sometimes but no matter how things look it always matters and it’s always worth it! Thank you so much for reminding me of that!

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