I wasn’t going to write about this now because it’s such a vast and detailed topic but I just finished speaking to someone who was convinced by their vet to buy the Hill’s prescription food and it made me so incredibly sad. This stuff is snake oil. Many well meaning vets who were taught certain things in school do not even know how detrimental these foods can be. They are treating things with a simple method that keeps patients coming back. I know that for a majority of their clients it’s actually a far as they are willing to go to help their pets stay healthy, but I also know that there is a LOT of pet parents who would want to do more if the information was made available to them. They should at least be given the option and not told just the one way that profits the vets office and the corporations that fund them.

If you haven’t seen it yet and feed kibble or any kind of prescription diet please consider watching the Netflix documentary “Pet Fooled” If you love your animals you will be so grateful you took the time to! I know raw foods not for everyone but there are SO many better alternatives to what they often tell you at the vet. Hill’s, Royal Canin etc are all the same. Finding alternatives can add years and quality and this alone makes the effort SO worth it!!


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