When it comes to health and wellness I think there’s definitely a hierarchy. #1 being food, then exercise and so on down the list. Once those issues are addressed then I focus on what else I can do. Shampoo isn’t super high on the list but it becomes a little more important when you have a dog with an affinity for mud who also sleeps in your bed! I know fewer baths are better for her coat… however… for us a weekly bath is truly a necessity. Fortunately she has no skin issues so dulling her coat is really the only negative side effect we have from that. Because there are actually a plethora of very good organic shampoos and washes on the market it’s not actually an item I have to make myself. I still wanted to however so a few months back I went on a tare trying with everything I had to come up with a recipe that actually worked. I tried all the diy websites, studied medical research, bought expensive ingredients and tried to learn chemistry …but I still failed miserably I’m sad to say. I know it doesn’t need to sud but it does need to clean and I had more disasters than mildly effective results. I ended up giving up and recycling the ingredients for other uses but I’ve had a break now and am willing to try again! Because I’ll only share something I really believe in, if this effort goes well, at the end of the week I’ll post a recipe, and if it doesn’t I’ll just post some of the brands I’ve tried and like!

UPDATE: A lot ended up happening this week that was unexpected so I’ve yet to start cooking up new shampoos. I did at least come up with a formula that I will share once I’ve tried it and see if it works. In the mean time though I thought I’d share just a few that I like. There are many more but just recently ones we’ve used.

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