I’ve always heard about the sometimes lengthy process of transitioning a dogs food… pretty much no matter what the food is. Even with kibble it’s recommended to give it time. I guess because Jersey’s always been pretty easy going when it comes to this I just didn’t expect to have such a hard time with the final transition to a fully raw diet. While I’ve been searching for the best meat sources she’s already been eating raw and never batted an eye. Now that I have finally invested in food I believe in, she wants no part. It’s frustrating but looking into it a little further I’ve come to learn it really is normal. It doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with the food and there is still a huge chance she will actually come to love it eventually.

Her food history might be helpful for someone who is worried about making any drastic changes. She may be picky but is less likely to encounter stomach upset during the switch because of it.

Before we had her we really have no idea but it was most likely garbage- literally

Her first two months we fed her kibble we were given (Hill’s – one of the worst!)

By month 3 we were doing all Honest Kitchen

By the start of year two it was Honest Kitchen base and cooked meat

By 2 and 1/2 it was this plus raw meat

Now we’re trying to go all raw but I still plan on using a minimal amount of the base mix as an easy vehicle for her supplements because it’s human Grade organic

My number one reason for not making it myself is the bone grinder. I’m basically a vegan and I can deal with a lot but the bottom line is if I don’t have to crush bones I absolutely don’t want to, plus the other organs and the simple fact that it’s easy to get a raw chicken breast for example but where on earth would I get organic everything else? With the companies I have found I don’t have to worry about that and it makes me feel so much more confident about really knowing what I’m giving her.

Every dog is different so for some I’ve heard it can take 6 months to transition. I need to just relax. She will not starve and I just have to give it time.

There are many tricks out there… that I have tried to no avail lol but they may work for some! A few are: adding an egg, raw or cooked, adding some goats milk, adding some cooked meat, adding their favorite treat or obviously some of their old food. I tried for two days not to give in to guilt and just put the food away but today I finally caved and gave her some grocery store organic raw chicken. I just can’t let her be that hungry but I’m not going to give up. There is a ton of info out there on making this transition. Here is an article that some people might find a useful place to start. It may not be easy but I know it’s always worth it!!


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