When I first heard about this, I was very skeptical. I think about the things my dog likes the aroma of and doubt we’d like the same things lol plus with the intensity of her smelling ability I worry that it would just be too much. That being said, I still try to have an open mind. I love scents (from essential oils exclusively) and I love to make my own beeswax (air purifying) candles so I thought it was a subject worth investigating.

I was right because I was actually blown away at the number of issues that essential oils can actually solve. In a future post about essential oils specifically I’ll talk about some of the medical issues that can be addressed in this way, along with simple massage therapies. For now I’ll stick to aromatherapy because I’ve really only seen it clinically related to stress management. There are a lot of these oil mixes pre-made, diluted properly and available on the market today in sprays, roll-ons, collar diffuser charms, etc but because I’m a DIY kinda gal I’ll start posting recipes for more specific categories tomorrow. I can say I’ve tried a few however I can’t say I’ve tried them all because I have an extremely non-reactive dog. She really never gets upset outside of the vets office but I’ve heard testimonies about these mixes from other dog parents. Just like humans, every dog is different so if one doesn’t seem to help there are others that might. I know at least with these I can enjoy them also!

13 thoughts on “Aromatherapy for dogs

  1. But she also liked fully body massages, what we called “shake therapy” where we would move her body back and forth when she was laying on her side and she would always fall asleep like a baby being rocked AND she had arthritis in her shoulder and she LOVED an ice pack on it. She got iced many times a day. I don’t know if all dogs were like her. My other dog didn’t like any of that.

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    1. Massage therapy for dogs is SO good for them!! Most people (and vets) don’t know the importance of spine health for dogs! It’s absolutely vital because so many of their organs can be affected by issues in the spine even when they are very subtle. Acupuncture is on the rise for treating many things including kidney disease! Regular massaging can help prevent a lot of bigger issues! I wish so much that my dog was more into it. I try to do what she’ll let me but it usually turns into wrestling lol but she’s still relatively young so we’ll keep at it! I’m so happy you were able to do this for your doggie I’m sure she loved every minute!


      1. Had I known earlier I would have started when they were puppies. My neighbor is a vet and they do acupuncture on their dogs and it has helped many issues. My mother in law is a massage therapist so she showed me some things. My other dog would back up with his butt against me to get his neck massaged every day. But that’s all he liked. Nothing else. Awareness that these animals can benefit from what we do is huge.

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      2. Absolutely!! I am trying to find a new vet because I just don’t agree with my current vet’s office “pill for everything” philosophy! It may not have a huge impact now but as my dog ages I would prefer it to be under the care of someone who can understand the importance of prevention! It is so encouraging to hear that there are vet’s like this out there, I love that so much!


      3. Our town is huge on holistic vets who do conventional medicine AND holistic like chinese herbs, acupuncture and massage. They even do underwater treadmills for rehab for spinal injuries. At the university of florida they are doing tons of work on helping animals. We took our dog. Pretty penny i will tell you. To get an eye exam and it was a HUGE work up to see if that is why she was so scared. I assumed she could not see. Nope. She just had anxiety. So we got her on rescue remedy(homeopathic) and lavender oil. She struggled with anxiety her whole life. She fit in our family well!!!!! We could relate and respect and help her due to our own experiences. But anyway. Geez I ramble so much these days…… the pill…heart guard… i used to give it year round. But this vet said to take a break because it is a constant poison year round so when you are low on mosquitos even if it is just december-february, stop that and give their body a break. I had so many telling me NO they will get heart worms. They lived until they were over 14 and neither got heart worms and both had a break from their heart guard pill for 3-4 months out of the year.
        I think it is great you are on the look out for something different for your dog. Finding the right vet is important. We stuck with the wrong one for way too long.

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      4. I love this!! Thank you!! I guess the biggest thing holding me back from the vet switch is financial but with her last check-up being $500 this is no longer actually valid! The visit was only 5 minutes, she got shots and we picked up 6 months of comboguard and that was IT! I am also very disgusted with giving her poison once a month. The vet scared me because she swims a lot and we live in south Florida (bugs bugs bugs lol) but we will absolutely start giving it a break! I think it’s so awesome that your town has holistic vets! I got a lead on one here just recently that I need to follow up on before her next round of shots! We do a semi-annual liver cleanse but I’m sure it’s nothing compared to the toxins she gets every year! I am so much more motivated now, thank you so much for sharing your experience with this!!!!!


      5. We are also in florida! So if we made it 14 years then hopefully there is hope for other dogs. Shoot even if you just skip february.
        Jessy had elevated liver enzymes and they put him on milk thistle and in a few months he was fine. There were also shots they skipped. Like bordatella (kennel cough) since they were never in the kennel and it was a live vaccine they put in their nose that we were told lowered their immune system. We did rabies every 3 years and parvo distemper ever 3 y3ars and that was it. After those shots we did milk thistle.
        At jessy’s last visit he got X-rays, labs and a full exam and it was only $200 dollars. I LOVED our last vet. Our neighbor who is also a vet at UF did weekly checks on him as he was going through is final 9 months of life with cancer. It was very helpful to have a neighbor who would do a quick listen to his lungs (he had lung cancer) and make sure his respirations were ok. We did NOT want him to sufffer. So his final months of life he was on actual pills. Pain pills and nerve pain medication that helped him not to suffer. Could not handle suffering. And then the homemade food we did and ALL of the tons of supplements. I would rather spend money on that then unnecessary vet bills

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      6. I am taking notes, truly thank you! Everything I’ve read so far has come from holistic vets that live no where near Florida so I was worried that their info on vaccines and heart worm pills just couldn’t apply to us! I love that you had these successful experiences! I know so many dog people but so few (if any actually) feel the way I do about the dangers of traditional medicine especially when it comes to dogs! I’m not even fanatical I just believe there’s a time and place for it and a time and place for other forms of treatment. Your dog Jesse is a perfect example of that! I also had a sick dog in the past that has motivated me to be holistic. We lost him to congenital heart failure and it was horrible. I am grateful to every single pill that kept his pain at bay! Going through that at a young age made me vow to do better by my next dog in terms of prevention. I know there are no guarantees but like the saying goes, when you know better, you can do better. I’m very grateful now I can at least do that! Thank you so much for taking the time to share this information with us!


      7. When jessy was diagnosed with lung cancer, anal cancer, spinal cancer, i mean it was all over his body and I thought. What in the hell! I have been feeding this dog organic food his entire life and trying to do things right! They gave him 3 days to live. I started cooking him all organic homemade food and his tumors shrunk and he lived another 9 months!!! The day he suffered we put him down. It was the hardest day of my life and I can honestly say i am still not over it. I was shocked though how his tumors shrunk and we switched vets and then like i was saying had our neighbors check on him all the time. We had done the massage all along and the holistic. His food was called holistic select!!! I learned that turmeric can really help with inflammation and cancer prevention and treatment. So much. So much out there.
        Everyone thought i was going way overboard with jessy but he was my life. I mean he was my service dog for 14 years. I had to do everything i could for him . He deserved nothing less!!!!!
        But it is all expensive and i think we do what we can. That’s the bottom line. We do what we can with the information we have.

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      8. I agree, completely! It’s very similar to parenting because we think we’re supposed to know all the answers but we just can’t. All we can do is the best we know how. It’s the effort that counts! I am mad at the corruption that the pet food industry got away with but I am so grateful for the information that’s now finally coming out! I am so happy you were able to have those last months with your dog! It matters so much! People who think dogs are just pets don’t really know dogs! I feel like it’s an honor to have the privilege of loving my dog and nothing could repay the love she gives me. I’m hoping as more information becomes available the companies that have caused so much pain through their control of food and veterinary medicine will finally start to come to an end! Dogs are family and deserve so much better than what these greedy companies have flooded the industry with!


    1. Thank you! Amazon has a ton of options. I use the cheaper charms but I know the more expensive ones are better secured (less risk of breaking or falling off and being eaten). These are just two options of many!
      For dogs: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B077GHM9RP/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1512792424&sr=8-1&keywords=aromatherapy+dog+collar&dpPl=1&dpID=51Bdix3WGML&ref=plSrch
      Cheaper option: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B071YYRN97/ref=mp_s_a_1_3_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1512792556&sr=8-3&keywords=aromatherapy+charms+dandan+diy&dpPl=1&dpID=515ChE82emL&ref=plSrch


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