If you’re anything like me, you want to take your furry family members EVERYWHERE lol especially overnight trips! Fortunately it seems to be getting easier to do this as more hotels respond to the number of guests requesting this amenity. I know from my road trip experiences that I was relieved to find pet friendly rooms available everywhere we went! In a pinch there’s always travelodge which has a universally applied pet friendly policy for all of its hotels. We needed this once or twice driving through the middle of nowhere and we so grateful for it!

Every form of travel has its own pros and cons when it comes to ease and comfort for humans and pets. My experiences have been in cars and planes (and a ferry that doesn’t really count). I prefer the car for a lot reasons but sometimes you just need to take a plane so I can vouch for Delta as being satisfactory. They had the biggest carrier size limit available and no weight limit so this was particularly helpful to us. Jersey still just made it however so bigger dogs would be sent below cabin which I am 100% against. If she was bigger I have to admit I would really look into making her a service animal and would ONLY use it for this purpose. I’ve heard rumors that Frontier has a better pet policy but until it’s available I’m not sure id fly at all if it meant she couldn’t be with me. We only do it about once a year so luckily it is a hassle we don’t have to face too often.

Car rides are obviously longer but more comfortable. She has a seat belt for long rides and I tie her leash to the headrest for short rides because getting cut off is a pretty common occurrence where I live. We always take a cooler so it should still be easy to travel with her raw food (frozen) the only difference now is that we’d want to ask hotels in advance if the have a fridge. I won’t take chances with raw meat so if there’s no guarantees or we’re camping I would either use fresh cooked or freeze dried raw instead. (Honest Kitchen and Stella and Chewey’s are both great freeze dried food companies and easily available!) If we’re traveling by plane I usually bring the freeze dried as back up and try to get raw locally by investigating ahead of time. Some independent pet stores even let you special order! Either way we keep the freeze dried in the house because we live in a place that is very prone to the possibility of power outages and I’d rather be safe than sorry. I know I can give her other short term substitutes and things from the fridge but I just rather not be in the position of denying her a balanced meal if it’s not just very temporarily. Freeze dried raw may not be as good as fresh raw but it’s better than any alternative I’ve seen. With the holidays fast approaching and travel on the rise planning ahead can help because it’s nice to have a few less things to worry about!

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