These are all common dog supplement additives, especially those involving skin and coat health. Knowing a little more about them can allow you to do what I did: either buy the human versions and make my own or make sure the supplements I look at contain a high enough amount of quality sourced ingredients to make them worth buying. It’s also just good to know what to look for in a supplement.

BREWERS DRIED YEAST is rich in Mega fatty acids, B vitamins and antioxidants. It enhances health, aids with flea control and improves the immune system. Improving skin health and coat shine, while reducing itchy dry skin helps minimize shedding due to inadequate nutrition. The B vitamins help with nerve function and stress management, reducing anxiety and balancing hormones including those related to adrenaline and epinephrine.

FLAXSEED meal provides Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, necessary for good skin and coat health. It aids in making the coat softer and shinier, with healthier skin underneath, while providing dietary fiber. In addition to the omega fatty acids, it contains alpha-linoleic acid, which offers benefits to the immune system. Alpha-linoleic acid also has an anti-inflammatory effect which may help if there are any joint problems. Lignans in Flaxseed contain antioxidants.

(Flaxseed oil or meal is not high enough in these omegas to replace Fish oil.)

FISH OIL with OMEGA 3 & 6 (dogs can’t use 9) EPA DHA

Fish oil can greatly improve skin, coat, joint, kidneys, heart, and immune system health. Fish oil contains two essential fatty acids: EPA and DHA. Both are Omega-3 fatty acids that can only be made in a limited capacity in dogs.

EPA acts as an anti-inflmmatory. It will help with any condition that cause inflammation of the heart, kidneys, skin and joints. It will ease inflammation due to allergies, and reduce itchy skin and dandruff and is used to treat hot spots. It promotes a shiny, healthy coat and reduces shedding.

DHA is important in brain, eye and neuron development. This fatty acids affects cell permeability and the growth of nerve cells which is important for optimal development.

Both EPA and DHA are important components of cell membranes. These unique fatty acids act as signals in cells to decrease inflammation. Less inflammation leads to less pain, redness and swelling in the skin, joints and other organs.

Source matters here because fish oil can contain mercury and other toxins that are much more dangerous for dogs than they are for people.

BIOTIN is a water soluble B vitamin that is essential for protein and fatty acid metabolism. Some common names for biotin include vitamin B-7, Vitamin H and coenzyme R. Biotin supports a healthy nervous system, skin and coat.

We only use Biotin every day.

9 thoughts on “Brewer’s Dried Yeast, Flax-meal, Fish oil and Biotin for Dog Health

  1. Yeah great post!!!!! Jess was on all of this!!! Never had a flea a day in his life. When he was a baby we put him on these and one of them. Keeps the fleas away

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      1. From what I have read it is the dried brewers yeast. My dogs both loved it. At the time we had a holistic vet because when we got molly she had crystals in her urine, blood in her urine, mange, ear infection. She was a mess. She was immediately started on cow colostrum, bone broth, brewers yeast, fish oil, flax oil ( i punctured it and squeezed it on her food). I don’t think i ever did biotin but maybe. That was 15 years ago so i can’t recall. We did cycles of the supplements. It took her a few months to get her immune system in good shape though. Honestly…and this will sound insane I know….a friend of mind was still nursing her baby. I asked her if she had any pumped milk i could give my dog for the low immune system. She did. I swear my dog was better the next day. But i kept up with everything else to keep her in good health.
        That was molly. That holistic vet was fantastic. But sooooo expensive. She also had us put molly on evening of primrose oil because she felt she had been spayed too soon. That seemed to help her too. Molly was a stray that was on her own for a long time when we got her from a rescue.
        Jessy is our other dog that ended up getting cancer even though we had him on the organic food.
        I’m glad you are getting in with a holistic vet. I think it is good to hear their thoughts on all topics and advice. Don’t forget (sorry if I am being annoying) to write down all of your questions so you don’t forget. I go in to every appointment with a list that I have added to for weeks and then come up with a final copy so I make sure everything is covered.
        The only thing we never found an answer to were the pads on molly’s feet. They were so fragile. They tore easily and were cracked and bleeding a lot. We literally tried everything. If I walked her in the road with my electric wheelchair she had to wear booties. Still bothers me we never figured that one out.

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      2. That’s great information! I’m not surprised that the pumped milk worked either I really think that it’s natures way of reminding us of the miracles it can do! We just got some colostrum also so I hope to cover that topic soon! The vet bills are unfortunately a big issue for us so the list idea is VERY helpful! I’m sorry about the paw pad issue tho I’d want an answer also! One still may turn up!! Fortunately the holistic community is growing. Fast on the internet, slow in real life but it is growing! Maybe it will one day be easier for more people to have access to these medical miracle workers, I really hope so!

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      3. My bottle says colostrum/lactoferrin from grass fed grazing cows.
        That one was a struggle for me because I had a hard time thinking that the babies were taken from their mother so that I could get a stronger immune system. So I really had to research and find a humane company

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      4. What’s the company? I feel the same way! The HARDEST part of going Raw for me is the animal aspect. I’ve basically spent my life savings trying to ONLY support local ethical farmers. After that however I still have to handle the food. Everyone else on-line seems so “tough” like it’s not ok to be sad about this but this 100% not true for me. I do it for my dog but honestly… I cry sometimes when I get the food ready. I’ve tried to make peace with it but I hate that part! I kind of always WANT to hate that part though! I do my best to be ethical but I never want to like buying it.


        Most of what I get if it is protein powder or something like this I get from NewZealand because they seem more humanely raised and the idea of ANY animal being in a cage makes me sick.
        Being that I was a vegetarian for 30 years it was VERy difficult and would make me gag making him what I was making him . But he’s a dog! And it it was his body needed. Believe me when I say I totally hear you.
        We try to get all organic and cage free. We do the best we can.
        Some things though, if you run out of money, your dog needs to eat. We got jess one week an already cooked from the grocery store entire chicken (he was not eating raw other than the raw beef bone once a week) but i couldn’t cook that week and we just didn’t have the money. So . We have to know we are doing the best we can

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      6. I’m going to order that! Thank you! It’s funny because I get a bunch of vitamins from New Zealand too but I never realized why until you pointed that out! I just thought they had the most transparent companies!
        It’s crazy the amount of guilt I go through daily lol making sacrifices for feeding the family and having to accept that I just can’t always buy the way I’d want to. If I get all the meat the way I’d prefer I couldn’t feed the people so I can’t always live up to my standards. I was just talking to someone about that who is a “super vegan” always buying the right things. I felt so judged but then I realized, I’m not at the mall buying shoes or spending all my money on my nails lol I’m just doing the best I can and that’s all I can do. It’s caring that matters the most, so many people don’t even do that much so I gotta stop hating on myself when I can’t afford things! It’s just useless!


      7. Exactly! We are just trying to do right by our family and our own animals.
        Don’t let anyone make you question yourself you know your intentions are pure! She doesn’t have the right to judge you. No one does.

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