So, I decided to upgrade from parts 1-5 to a diary on here because we’ve finally turned a corner (or I have) and am successfully making my own food!

It’s been another crazy week and I’m kind of exhausted, but extremely happy with how far we’ve come. Miss picky Mcpickerson is finally EATING!! And it’s only because I stopped trying pre-made!

I’ve also been multitasking like crazy trying to get some posts out from my previous knowledge that I had saved in draft. I still have a few more to go such as Natural Ear Remedies and Allergies but hopefully I’ll get to that next week. Then I hope to start with recipes and tips on things as I come across them (beef trachea and fish for example). One day maybe I’ll have some sort of guide for my hybrid barf model diet also.

I also want to clean up my post about raw meat suppliers because I wrote it after a really long day and I just wanted to get it written but it ended up being way too long. I didn’t even want to read it lol so that’s on my list too.

One thing that’s been a big help has been joining a raw feeding group on Facebook. I got a TON of articles to read plus direct advice. It’s hard to find a good group because so many can be so judgmental but I finally did at: Raw Feeders “Kicked Out” Club

An anecdote to all the intense animosity in the other groups lol they are brutal!

These guys are awesome! That being said, because it’s so active I spent like half a day responding to posts and checking my notifications lol so I need to step back a bit. I’m definitely in danger of burn out so I’m going to try to take a night off. It’s unlikely lol but I’m gonna try! Tomorrow I’m going to start in on trying to learn how to ferment my own vegetables… then I’m going to try sleep! 😉

Today we got our box from raw feeding Miami and we’re waiting on my pet carnivore for all our exotics so that was exciting! My bulk comes from the local farm but the selection of these other companies is so crazy awesome, I was really happy to have new things to add.

The important thing is she’s eating, I’m learning and we’re on the right track.

I never wanted her to just be ok I always wanted her to thrive so I am hugely grateful that I got this information when I did! I hope it helps someone else some day! We are 100% inspired by love.

9 thoughts on “Raw Feeding Diary 10/27/17

  1. A super great group on facebook is homemade hope holistic. These are the people that helped me with turmeric paste which seemed to heal everything. I think they call it golden paste and also with his food and what was inflammatory. Etc. it is for dogs with cancer but it helps all dogs. They gave jess that extra 9 months after his cancer diagnosis.
    But alllll of the facebook groups are pretty darn radical. I mean heaven forbid you give rice!!!!!!! BUT for jessy rice, on his bad day, and bone broth, was all he could tolerate. So i think with these groups you take the good, and leave the insanity and don’t take it personally because a lot of them are super radical which is stupid because we are all doing the best we can.
    Anyway way to go on all of your accomplishments!!!!!!!

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    1. Thank you so much!! I’ll look them up asap!! The info on these groups is amazing so it’s worth it, I just need thicker skin lol in more ways than one! It’s also good that there are enough kind people out there that make it all worth it! And thank you SO much for looking at my stuff! It means SO much! I feel like I’m wasting my time in a lot of ways but a blogger I follow said it took her 10+ years to figure it out and now she’s number 1! Maybe it won’t be in vain someday and I’m only in it to help people anyway so one dog’s life improved = goal met! I’m getting overwhelmed with research too so not being “out there” also gives me time to pace myself a little better. I’m excited so it’s hard. I heard someone say once that their version of balance was embracing the chaos. They said for their life to be passionate it meant it got messy sometimes and that’s ok. I really liked that because I want balance AND passion and being able to resist self judgement when things get messy allows me to have that. Ah, work in progress lol that is life! There’s a purpose in trying. Thank you again for taking the time to reach out and share this info with me!!!!


      1. No no. You are not wasting your time. And there are tons of people who will visit your blog, never comment or like it but they will read it and they will let it run around in their brain. I have had 200 views on my blog today and only 2 comments! So keep that in mind.
        The way I looked at it when I started my blog was ONE PERSON. I want to help one person. Then that will have a ripple affect and that person will spread a little knowledge to another person. You’ve already helped many I am SURE. So please keep writing.
        You nailed it though. Balance can be difficult. We have to make sure we are taking care of ourselves, resting, eating, hydrating, etc. I have a habit of going overboard on many things so I have to just be very aware of my own thinking, my own behavior, and tell myself ok it is time to step back and take a breather here!

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      2. That means so much to hear that about the blog, truly, thank you!! I’m prone to lack of self care big time and definitely need “forced rest”! I have like 15 drafts going and I’m not sleeping or eating right …I’m also not 20 anymore lol so it definitely hits me! Last year I started my own dog treat business and wound up with the flu that lasted forEVER because of what I was doing to myself. It was nasty and I don’t want to go there again! I had a whole fermenting vegetable plan set for today but my boyfriend needed my help around the house so it was a blessing in disguise! Computer work can be so exhausting (especially when you as bad with computers as I am lol) he asked me what I needed a break from and I was like: trying to figure out the entire internet! 😂 a day off doing yard work is just what the doctor ordered!


      3. LOL the whole internet YES!!!!!!
        How cool is that you did your own dog treat business!!!!
        We have a store here that sells homemade dog treats. Called Earth Pets in Gainesville Florida.
        But yep. If you overdo it then your own immune system gets trashed then all the others you are helping dogs included then can’t be because you are down! Sometimes our brain needs a break too. That’s why I do 2 hours of my mindful walk every single day. No thoughts. No wifi. Just outside experiencing nature and then I feel refreshed and restarted an rejuvenated.
        Happy yard work!!!!!

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      4. I started with 10 minutes! Every day I added on time. It took me awhile to make it to 2 hours but every minute counts because every minute that you are clearing your mind of just garbage input then you leave a nice healing space. Just my random thoughts on it!

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      5. No more input then. No tv news. No facebook scrolling. Just fresh air and stare at a leaf or a flower or the sky and make some clean space in that head!

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