Another busy week but we’re making progress! On tap for this week is:

  • Unconventional oils such as black seed and CBD
  • Colloidal silver

Along with at least 15 other things that I’m currently researching.

It’s been a lot of computer time for Jersey Girl to endure but I’ve been doing better with the walks! It’s gorgeous out now so we do an hour minimum. It’s no where near the exercise we used to get but it’s better than it was!

The biggest news this week was that we finally found a holistic vet! They all seem so busy I was afraid we’d never get an appointment, but we finally got one for the end of the month. It’s good timing because I really want to change her heart worm pill and that’s usually when she takes it. I love living in Florida but the heartworm meds are a problem. I am 100% holistic except for this and I hate that. I’m really praying for some answers! I’m also interested in seeing her most recent blood work. I finally got a glucose/keytone reader (that we’ve yet to use lol) but that’s not my primary concern, so hopefully we’ll have a good experience with this new vet!

She’s finally being open minded and eating all of her meals!! For a while it was only the farmers market items but now it’s everything and I am so thrilled!

I’m starting official classes in canine nutrition soon so I am probably going to be blogging less but hopefully I’ll also have a lot more to share!

Best wishes to you and your fur family and love always,

Jeanne & Jersey Girl

4 thoughts on “Raw Dog Diary 11/12/17

    1. Right now I’m starting with the “certified raw dog food nutrition specialist” from DNU aka Dogs Naturally Magazine lol it’s a good course and just about all I can afford at the moment but my real goal is to take courses from Royal Animal Health University! It’s much more involved but also a lot more money (but still on-line) so the courses offered by DNU were a great starting off point. They offer a few different ones, I only took the one for raw food. The pros are that it does a good job walking you through the entire process of most important info. The cons are most of the info is also available for free and DNU won’t impress employers. Since I’m only looking to it for my own personal education that mattered less and the calculator it comes with was so good it was worth almost the whole tuition fee (I am HORRIBLE at math lol). I also just finished reading Canine Nutrigenomics by Jean Dodds (a pioneer in the field) and I will say that the course is 100% in line with her book so it’s high quality info for sure! After thanksgiving I hope to start writing again and incorporate a lot of the new info! There is SO much available that it can get overwhelming so my goal is to compile different sources to produce as well rounded view points as I can. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment, this subject means the world to me!

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