As most people know, as a general rule for myself I am truly 100% against kibble as being an appropriate food source for cats and dogs. However, that being said, I am also very aware that not everyone feels this way. We are fortunate today to have options. Small companies that are willing to take the time to deliver wholesome, pre-made, balanced, frozen raw food to the market at affordable prices along with freeze dried options make it very easy to make the switch but still, it’s not appropriate for everyone at every time. Shelters are a good example of this and during the holiday food drives I absolutely plan on participating and buying kibble. Because of this I feel obligated to share some positive information on the subject. All kibble is not created equal. I have a list of brands I suggest to anyone who needs to feed this way. Just as with any product it’s important to stay up to date, as companies get sold, formulas change, etc. but as of now this is what I have found to be the most trusted:

Origin, Acana, Zignature or Nutrisource for dry

Honest Kitchen, Grandma Lucy’s, Humankind, Stella and Chewy’s or Primal for freeze dried.

There may be others of course but the reason I feel the way I do about kibble is simple. Most brands in the store have unregulated (AAFCO doesn’t count) labels and parent companies. They use trusted celebrities like Rachael Ray and key words that they’ve changed definitions of to make people think they are doing good for their pets. They mislead consumers and lie about things including “organic”. People are losing their animals because of this so I am heartbreakingly passionate about spreading awareness about this. Please just consider these realities. You don’t have to go raw or watch “Pet Fooled” just please consider other options. We all buy what we think is best, don’t let these companies get away with abusing key words to make us purchase their products! The cost is the same and it could literally save your animals life!

Giving Back

No matter what we have going on in our lives, I believe in the importance of giving back. Sometimes we can do more than others. I do not have a lot of money at the moment but it still does more for my soul than anything money could buy to know that somewhere somehow I helped someone. I also can’t have more dogs right now so knowing how many are is such desperate conditions just breaks my heart. Still, There are SO many wonderful ways to share. Volunteering, spreading awareness etc and there’s also a lot of great charities out there. I like greater good mostly because I feel confident about where my money is going but also because they offer so many great options. You can donate as little as $1, there are many very specific and unique projects to help, and they have a HUGE store where you can find really awesome gifts and even household items that directly benefit a charitable cause. I try to shop there for things that I’d buy elsewhere as much as I can afford to because I love their stuff so much! We all love our dogs and are so grateful they are in our lives. I try to say thank you to the universe for mine by giving to other dogs in need. Whatever or however I can. It’s easy to forget in the busy day to day but it’s like food for the soul and it really does make a difference! I’m only writing this as a reminder even just to myself of the importance of this and to let people know, if you want to give somewhere or need a gift for an animal lover check this site out!!